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DEWI: We Accelerate Women-Owned SMEs

“Exponential Growth Possibilities For Women Entrepreneurs”

DEWI Wealth Accelerator is a collaborative mission of World Women Forum, Malaysia and GoGLOBAL Accelerator, from Singapore. As the first business accelerator for Women SMEs in Asia and beyond, we provide resources and support to accelerate businesses and make a positive impact in communities. Our inclusive community shares knowledge, resources, and opportunities, and offers tailored programs such as mentorship, networking events, and business development workshops. Join us and become part of a thriving global entrepreneurial women movement creating a better future.

Sakti Challenge
Sakti Challenge

What is 5 Days Sakti Challenge?

Five day experiential learning with life time review and networking, Sakti Challenge learning includes the techniques to alter your mindset and the tools to reposition your business based on a blueprint, understanding the importance of financial roadmap and growth strategy with exit strategy in focus

With more than 20+ years practical experience on Business Plan

Our main focus to help your business growth and business marketing strategy

The Sakti Challenge is designed to help women entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses. With a focus on transforming their business strategy and money consciousness, understand business blueprint, financial roadmap, and unique growth strategy for their business. Through this program, women can unleash their inner "Sakti" and achieve accelerated business growth. Join Sakti Challenge community to network, collaborate, leverage and learn from like-minded women community for business success.

Sakti Challenge is not bookish or theoretical, but an experiential program offering clarity through a series of activities and resources that will eventually allow you to create smart goals and the know-how to achieve them.
Thrive Instead of Survival Mindset

Accelerate Beyond Survival

Our six ecosystems have been designed to connect women-owned SMEs with complementary product and service providers in their sector to enhance their offerings and reach customers in multiple markets. Joining the relevant ecosystem would enable you to increase your brand awareness, enhance customer engagement, access new markets, and streamline operations through technology and data-driven insights.

These ecosystems provide tools and resources to help your business thrive and scaleup, including personalized experiences that engage your customers and match their interests and preferences. Whether in the Financial, lifestyle, Wellness and healthcare, Technology, food and agriculture, travel, or energy and environment, we offer a solution to connect your company with consumers and drive growth in your relevant sector

  • Develop Game Changing Business Model
  • Get Connected to Global Markets
  • Go Global With Trusted And Credible Partners
DEWI Wealth
DEWI Wealth Accelerator

Key Features of the DEWI Wealth Accelerator Program

Are you a woman entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level?

  • Mentorship and Guidance:
  • Our experienced team of mentors and industry experts will provide personalized guidance to help you refine your business strategies, overcome challenges, and identify opportunities for growth.

  • Networking Opportunities:
  • Gain access to our vast network of successful entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate partners who can offer valuable insights, collaborations, and potential investment opportunities.

  • Skill Development Workshops:
  • Enhance your business skills with our comprehensive workshops on leadership, finance, marketing, technology, and more, tailored specifically for women entrepreneurs.

  • Market Expansion Support:
  • Leverage our global connections to explore new markets and expand your business reach, increasing your potential for success.

  • Funding Opportunities:
  • Connect with potential investors and venture capitalists through our curated events, giving your business the financial boost it needs to grow and thrive.

  • Peer Support and Collaboration:
  • Join a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs who share your passion, ambitions, and drive, fostering a supportive environment for mutual growth and success.

The DEWI Wealth Accelerator is committed to empowering women entrepreneurs to break barriers and achieve their dreams. Apply now and unlock your business's full potential with our comprehensive accelerator program, designed to help you secure trusted connections, gain credibility, and go global!

Vision & Mision of DEWI

Women-owned Businesses Thriving Together as One Global Conscious Community in Asia Through Conscious Capitalism




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Why Us?


Access to Funding, Mentorship,

As startups and emerging businesses, you can leverage our network of partners, mentors and resources to rapidly scale up.

We’re Here to Grow Your Business

Whether it is Better R&D or superior branding strategy, you will find a wide range of support for your business in our ecosystem


Our Numerous Partners Across Ecosystems Will Complement Your Core Skills And Offerings to Strengthen Your Products And Services.

Set Yourself up For Rapid Growth

Find Valuable Support And Guidance to Consistently Grow in The Shortest Period.

Connect With The Right Partners

In Our Ecosystem, Your Ideal Partner is Waiting to Collaborate, Expand Your Reach And Grow Your Business.

Ideal Place
for Innovation

Find the right resources to convert innovative ideas into viable products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Any Questions?

Q:What is DEWI Accelerator Ecosystem And How Does it Support Women-owned Businesses?

A: DEWI Accelerator ecosystem is a network of resources and support that is designed to help women-owned businesses achieve their goals and grow their businesses. Our ecosystem includes a range of partners, mentors, and investors, as well as industry-specific knowledge and expertise.

Q:What is The Goal of Sakti Challenge Program?

A: A Five-day 1.5 hours online experiential learning with life time review and networking, Sakti Challenge learning includes the techniques to alter your mindset and the tools to reposition your business based on a blueprint, understanding the importance of financial roadmap and growth strategy with exit strategy in focus

Q:Can Any Women-owned Business be a Part of Sakti Challenge?

A: Yes, any women-owned business can be a part of the Sakti Challenge program. The program is designed to help women at any stage of their business journey, whether they are just starting out or have an established business. The focus of the program is on providing women with the tools and techniques they need to transform their business strategy and money mindset, regardless of the industry or sector they operate in.


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